Working in Søstrene Grene

In Søstrene Grene your days will require equal parts creativity and determination, as we together strive to touch the hearts of people through a wonderful universe unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

Your good ideas are always welcome here, and we try to act on them quickly. And when things are moving fast you can count on a pat on the back or a helping hand from one of your new ‘Sisters’.

‘Søstrene’ means Sisters in Danish, and so, in Søstrene Grene we call each other Sisters. No matter gender, no matter position. It has always been like that, and we think it should stay like that.

Because Søstrene Grene is a family business. In the sense that two brothers own the company, but also in the sense that the employees are joint together in some kind of a sisterhood. We support each other, we make each other stronger, and we laugh together. A lot. We call it Sister Spirit.

Whether you are working in one of our stores or at our HQ, few days look the same in Søstrene Grene, and it is up to you to create a work day that brings out the best in you and our concept. We promise that it never gets boring.


We aspire to form an enriching community that makes work feel less like work. A community centered around our common goal of creating the Wonderful World of Anna and Clara.