Why work as a store assistant at Søstrene Grene?

As part of a dedicated team, you advice customers, manage the checkout, ensure an exciting presentation of products, and ensure order in the store. The customers appreciate your guidance and the team members know that they can count on you. Your contribution is important to provide our customers with a fantastic shopping experience.

Cosy atmosphere: Become part of our inspiring working environment and work with amazing products in beautiful displays. 

Practical experience with retail: Gain valuable knowledge within retailing that is applicable for your future career or as a stepping stone for your next career step in Søstrene Grene. 

A very special Sister Spirit: You will become part of a fantastic team where you help, support, and respect each other no matter age, gender, and seniority.

Flexibility: Whether you wish for a student job, part-time job, or a full-time job, we will adjust your working hours to match your needs and wishes.

Which qualities are important are important to be a successful store assistant?

Focus on customers: You are kind and accommodating towards our customers. You are interested in our products and services so you can advice and support the customer in the best possible way during their purchase.

Masterly management of the checkout: You handle the payments and long queues as a professional.  

Keeping track of everything: You have a sense of tidiness to keep the sales area as well as the storeroom neat and tidy. You make sure that all shelves are stocked and presentable.

A team player: You enjoy working together with other people and you are trustworthy.

How many hours do i have to work as a store assistant?

Because our concept is franchise driven, it is up to the individual store, how many hours you are needed. The job can be filled as both a student job, a part-time job, and a full-time job. Regardless, together, we will find a solution that suits you.

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“I have worked for Søstrene Grene in Newry for 4 years, since I was 16 years old. What I like about working here is the creative and calming atmosphere, being able to introduce new customers to the world of Søstrene Grene, and helping new team members learn about Sister Spirit and the work in the store.” 
Ellie Cartmill
Key Holder in Newry, Northern Ireland
“Søstrene Grene is a great place to work because of the warm and friendly team atmosphere. Also, because I love the beautiful products with the focus on sustainability.”
Julia Browne
Key Holder Retail Assistant in Newbury, England
“I love working in Søstrene Grene because of the lovely stock and the way the customers always leave the store smiling and happy. I also enjoy the Sister Spirit amongst my colleagues”
Sara Rahmanzadeh
Part-time Retail Assistant in Cheltenham, England

Stinne appreciates the flexibility and versitality of working in Søstrene Grene

Stinne Smedegaard, Store Assistant in Aarhus, Denmark

”What is really special about working in Søstrene Grene is feeling how the Sister Spirit really thrives. It sounds like a cliche, but it is really true.”

From first after-school job to full-time employment

Stinne started working in Søstrene Grene as a 15 year old when she was in 8th grade and applied for her first after-school job. She has been pleased with her job and kept it as a part-time job during high school. Today, she works full-time in her gap year prior to the beginning of her studies.

”My job in Søstrene Grene has been adjustable according to my life situation, which is really lovely. The flexibility means a lot to me and has been the reason for me being able to keep my job in spite of my changing everyday life.”

”As a young worker, the first year, I was just working at the cash register. Most of my colleagues were a bit older than me and went to high-school, but it didn’t affect the sense of community and team spirit. Everyone were very sweet, so it was always a nice experience to go to work – also as a new, young employee.”

A strong Sister Spirit

”What is really special about working in Søstrene Grene is feeling how the Sister Spirit really thrives. It sounds like a cliche, but it is really true. There are times where the Sister Spirit is truly distinct. For example when HQ employees come by the store or the times I am helping in another store. There is a strong sense of community across the organisation.”

”Right now, we are a team in the store where many of us are in the same life situation and are having a gap year before starting our studies. There is a lot of great energy amongst us Sisters in the store, and when the connection with colleagues is great, it affects other thing. To me, it becomes evident because I get more energy and bring more good mood when I interact with customers in the store."

A fun and versatile job

"Before I started I did not realise how much work there is behind the scenes of a store. Some days, I almost spend 8 hours in our storeroom because we just received new products. There are so many things happening behind the scenes such as coordinating activities and ordering of products which all need to be done in order for the daily operations of the store to run smoothly. The tasks in the store are generally very versatile and obviously also include stocking shelves and serving customers. "

"I think that my job is fun, I have great colleagues, and I have developed a lot from it. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to develop my customer service skills as well as been allowed to take upon a lot of responsibilty."