Why work as a visual merchandiser at Søstrene Grene?

You create appealing product presentations with a solid understanding of shapes, colours, and trends that contribute to the sales in the store. You analyse sales data, optimise product placements, and create an inspiring shopping atmosphere. Your creative expertise and analytical skills makes you an important factor at Søstrene Grene. It is a unique opportunity to combine your passion for design and sales in an exciting field of work.

Creative expression: As a visual merchandiser, you can unfold your creative side. You create impressive product presentations, play with shapes, colours, and trends, and create an inspiring shopping experience for the customers. You are always ahead of time. You observe trends, experiment with new technologies, and stay up to date. 

Influencing the sales: Your work has direct influence on the turnover. By optimising the product placement and designing exciting product displays, you can improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Work in teams: You work in close collaboration with the team and other departments. You are part of a motivated team that works together on achieving the company's goals.

Which qualities are important to be a successful visual merchandiser?

  • Creative and aesthetic understanding of shapes, colours, and trends.
  • Analytical skills for evaluating sales data and using it actively in the way you think of product displays and combination of products.
  • Great abilities to communicate and cooperate - Sister Spirit is important.
  • Craft skills, organisationsal skills, and the ability to handle more tasks at once.
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"When thinking of when I started working in Søstrene Grene, I can just remember feeling very safe. This stemmed from both the colleagues, but also how much I felt that the values and Sister Spirit were present in the working environment. I do not feel like I am looked at as an apprentice who is only here to learn, but as an equal who can contribute.”
Kathrine Ravn
Visual Merchandising Apprentice, Aarhus