"I am experiencing an enormous understanding for the private life besides the job"

Fie Svendsen, Warehouse Worker, E-com Warehouse

"When I first started working here, I was very well received and introduced to the tasks. I was also introduced to the organisation, the history, our values and Sister Spirit by Mikkel Grene and P&C."

"I am experiencing an enormous understanding for the private life besides the job, e.g. if you are going travelling, then it is possible to return to the job later. I think that is really cool."

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"I started as a substitute in a temp agency, and through here, I got a job at Søstrene Grene. I was super happy to work here and, therefore, I kept the job part-time alongside my studies. Today, I am very glad to work here full-time, as I like the tasks of the job, have some wonderful colleagues and a management, that demonstrate trust and offers responsibility."
Nicolai Jørgensen
Warehouse Worker, E-com warehouse
"Everyone are great at helping each other and many friendships have arised across teams. We are in constant renewal and it is so positive and exciting to undergo this constant development. Søstrene Grene is definitely a workplace with great opportunity for development."
Mikkel Iversen
Team Lead, E-com warehouse
"I think it is an inclusive workplace and there is a great atmosphere here. The inclusiveness makes room for everyone. In the daily day, it all comes together. We work together crossfunctionally where everybody can contribute. I have a feeling of being excited to go to work, and I am happy when I am here."
Henrik Bech Eriksen
Warehouse Worker, E-com Warehouse