A warm welcome and safe induction training

David Dall, Warehouse Worker and Logistics Apprentice, Logistics Centre

"Before I started working at Søstrene Grene, I knew about the stores and had heard good things about them as an employer. I have worked in a warehouse before, so it was obvious for me to apply. Luckily, the job lived up to my expectations, and I got a really warm welcome."

"I was kindly welcomed which made me feel safe from the beginning. It also meant that I was never afraid to ask for help. There is an obvious respect amongst colleagues which makes it an inclusive workplace."

The special Sister Spirit

"We are a great mix of both older and younger employees here at the warehouse. It is a great grouping and ensures a good mood at the workplace. We all accommodate each other and the Sister Spirit shines through as we always pull together."

A unique place of employment

"The unique thing about working in Søstrene Grene is obviously the great Sister Spirit. Additionally, there is a great combination of structure and freedom in the job where you also get to switch between the work tasks. To me, it has been great to get the chance to develop and have specific goals."

"It is a great place of employment and I would definitely recommend it to others."

Crossfuntional cooperation and Sister Spirit

"A great cooperation with colleages both in and across departments makes the work flow run smoother in the daily day. Additionally, the Sister Spirit in the everyday life always makes it fun to go to work, no matter whether it is Monday or Friday."
Michael Jelsbak-Hansen
Assistant, Logistics Centre
"There is something quite special about the culture that I really like. The Sister Spirit and the values are shining through, and I already felt it when I arrived on my first day. As a new employee in Søstrene Grene, I faced an introduction programme with working days in both store, headquarter, and warehouses which quickly gave me valuable insights into all the company's procedures that are important to me and my team's daily work." 
Jesper Rubach
Team Lead Evening, Logistics Centre

From substitute to Warehouse Process Specialist

Sebastian Kock Thulin, Warehouse Process Specialist, Logistics Centre

"I started as a substitute and was later permanently employed. After 1.5 years as a warehouse worker, I was asked to be part of the implementation of our new WMS system, Apport. Today, I work as a warehouse process specialist and are in contact with a lot of Sisters across the organisation.

It is a really nice working environment here, and it is clear how there is a unique focus on employees' well-being. There are plenty of opportunities for development, if you wish to accept the exciting challenges.

I take pride in learning how all processes are connected because everything we do affect a lot of others throughout the entire value chain. So, even though a problem sometimes occur, it is very important to me that this problem is not transferred to other departments."

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